Our Suburb Work

cartoon two people shaking handsThere are 12 suburbs in Mt Druitt, all of which are unique. The Hive engages local community members and service providers in individual suburbs, to identify and respond to local issues and opportunities.

We do this by placing the community at the centre of our work and holding community conversations. These are a structured way of identifying the communities’ shared strengths, aspirations and concerns. We then develop local solutions to create real and lasting positive change, together with community.

This community development work currently focuses on the suburbs of Willmot and Lethbridge Park.


Willmot is a small suburb on the north western edge of Mt Druitt and is home to just over 2500 people. Because of its geography, Willmot is unique. It is 7 kilometres away from the local train station and it isn’t closely bordered by other suburbs.

The Hive established the Willmot Working Group in June 2016 to collaboratively engage the community. Click here to learn more about what is happening in Willmot through Together in Willmot.

If you are a resident of Willmot, or a service provider working in the area, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more or get involved.

Lethbridge Park

Lethbridge Park is a sprawling suburb with just over 4500 residents. It is the geographic centre of Mt Druitt and shares its border with five other suburbs.

The Hive formed the Lethbridge Park Working Group in late 2016 to bring people together to hear community concerns. The working group is now starting to engage with the community and holding Community Conversations.

If you are a resident of Lethbridge Park, a business or a service provider in the area, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more or get involved.