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Dopefish multi-game widescreen fixer

Dopefish multi-game widescreen fixer

Name: Dopefish multi-game widescreen fixer

File size: 491mb

Language: English

Rating: 4/10



7 Jul Forum member dopefish created a widescreen patch that is usable in BF2, BF and BioShock. You can get hit his personal page for the. 11 Jan Dopefish had made another version for his widescreen fixer. The list of changes you can find in the forum. If you'd like to donate as a thank you. 7 Mar aaanywhen, thanks for the updates and shortcut change dopefish. I have the same issue, your widescreen fixer is running, it says game is running (which it.

18 Jan Battlefield 2 Widescreen Fixer. How to run Battlefield 2 in widescreen. Black Ops in Eyefinity/Surround with Dopefish's Widescreen Fixer. 12 Nov I run "" to help with the FOV within COD:MW3 so I can play at A simple FOV change is no Multi Monitor Support, it doesn`t fix the 2D Elements Well I have used both DopeFish's fix (Widescreenfixer) and. Good gaming my friends now if they can only fix the stuttering bugs! . been banned from using widescreenfixer on any game that he knows of. I personally think Steam should start selling this app for dopefish on steam haha, . Flame me all you want, I have nothing against multi screen setups, I am just.

22 Aug widescreen fixer forum. Dopefish's Multi-Game Widescreen Fixer |. Star Wars collection > Knights of the Old Republic Series It has been known. Please check the game's Detailed Report at WSGF - widescreen from dopefish, the creator of the fix, post at the official Widescreen Fixer. Widescreen Fixer is a utility created by "Paddy The Wak" of the WSG forums and later updated by Dopefish. It modifies runtime game settings in?directx and? opengl to change the field of view so that parallax isn't so bad. Punkbuster spent a. Try the widescreen gaming forum ( Dopefish has an official thread over there in the multi-monitor. 12 Nov Widescreen Fixer, an immensely handy tool for running games without native support for multi-monitor gaming (AMD's Eyefinity, NVIDIA Surround, or Matrox The most well known is the "Widescreen Fixer" from "dopefish".

15 Nov MSI B Gaming Plus Asus ROG Strix XI Gaming . support for multi- monitor gaming (AMD's Eyefinity, NVIDIA Surround, or Matrox TripleHead2Go). The most well known is the "Widescreen Fixer" from "dopefish". 10 Aug Most of these games are open source, and have fan-developed ports that have superior widescreen support (as well as other features) to the. forum/?f=12&t=cachedsimilarlink widescreen fixer to the game updated his widescreen /fix-multi-monitor-gaming-issues/cachedsimilarapr 9, dopefish: cod: /questions//how-do-i-zoom-outcachedsimilarfirst, you to open. Another Modern Warfare game, another crap port, but not to worry, within 24 hours of release, dopefish has already delivered a fix. to use it, here: http://


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